getcuttingtools.com is an exclusive portal for buying and selling of all types of cutting tools used in any large, medium or small engineering and commercial industries.

It may often happen in this world of highly competitive engineering industry when the precious productive time of the high cost machines and the man power may be lost due to the non-availability of the required cutting tools in the right time and in the right place. These cutting tools can neither be stored in the stores department of the industry in mass quantity for its very high inventory carrying cost which is directly proportional to the cost of tool and storage space constraints. In the construction industry the project delay would be just because of the non availability of the tool, thereby escalating the cost of the project.

There is a growing need for all the engineering industry to be more and more competitive in terms of quality and cost of manufacturing their end products to survive in the market. This, in effect can be achieved, to some extent, by cutting down the cost of each and every inputs required for manufacturing the end products. One of the important inputs being the cutting tool, the purchaser is always in search of excellent quality of cutting tools at more and more competitive prices without sacrificing the quality, to manufacture the products. This can only be accomplished when the purchaser gets the opportunity to search for various manufacturers and brands at one stop. The purchaser is in search of non biased feedback of performance, quality and cost of every cutting tool which otherwise, cannot be obtained from any dealer of a specific brand.

Similarly, the manufacturer and the trader of cutting tools is in search of the business opportunity to promote their end products and prove their core competence in the field by delivering their product to each and every potential buyer. He can neither store the cutting tools for a longer time and thereby increasing the inventory cost which ultimately results in cost overrun.

Here our endeavour is to apply the brick and mortar technique and minimise all these constraints- of non biased feedback of quality, of high investments in the tool and storage space required for the purchaser, trader, manufacturer, and the time and money lost by the purchaser due to nonavailability of the tool in time. www.getcuttingtools.com is a powerful global connectivity tool which places the trader and consumer on a common platform of e-commerce and bridges the communication gap, thereby accelerating the trade. We are committed to give variety of choice for the right tool for any specific application.

All the distributors, stockists, traders, retailers, manufacturers and purchasers in the world are welcome to utilise this facility as a powerful tool for trading. The purchasers are welcome to utilise our facilities free of charge.

Why you should choose us

A quick look at the Cutting tools page will display pictures of various cutting tools which will be available as per the category selected.
The registration form can be submitted by the sellers to furnish their details through the Register page on the tool bar menu. The seller may be manufacturer, retailer, stockist or a dealer. Once registered as a member, you can avail various facilities of this website. To know the details of all membership class and their corrosponding value added services, contact Customer Relations. Few facilities can be freely availed by all genuine sellers. We not only just promote the products of registered members and give enquiries, but, assure them business, unlike other portals do.
The highly powerful dynamic search engine on the Search page analyses the requirement of the purchaser and precisely locate the supplier and sometimes also various discounted selling offers, if any. The supplier details are displayed on this page as per their membership class of registration. The purchaser can freely search for various selling offers updated regularly on the search page. And the sellers can also search for various buying offers to accelerate their business opportunities. Thus the purchaser and the seller can search for any supplier information through this page. The information on this page are updated regularly.
Info hosts any information of products, technical drawing of special tools, services or any data related to cutting tools and machinery by submiting to the administrator in the form of write-up articles with `NEWS LETTER' as subject.
The Auction page displays regular auctions for the disposal of used or unused cutting tools by the auctioneer. The auctioneer interested in auctioning the used or unused cutting tools can submit the details of the tools on-line, through the Auction form available on this page.
The Contact Us page gives the details of the administrative contacts of the company administering this portal.
The Current Offer page gives the facility of submitting immediate sell or buy offers of any cutting tool, on-line. This is the most useful and dynamic facility for all the purchasers. The buy offers will be hosted periodically on the website to acclerate the trade opportunities and assist the purchaser in sourcing for immediate requirement. We encourage this facility of e-commerce to be used by genuine potential purchaser or seller of cutting tools. This e-commerce facility will not only save the precious time of the purchaser, but, will also cut down the direct cost like followup, involved in purchase process. This needs to be taken into consideration because of the indirect cost involved in the followup due to ever growing cost of fuel.